Address Harbour Road, Tema, Ghana
Phone Number +233302917645


•Caltic is a leading regional partner in providing innovative end-to-end solutions. with a strong competence network established around the globe, we specialize in providing heavy duty industrial scale solutions, scanning solutions and software development solutions.
•Caltic designs software to use in conjunction with our instrumentation
•Caltic weighing in collaboration with our international partners  is our most sophisticated weighing process with the most advanced product we carry
•Software development is an ongoing activity and we actively make improvements based on customer requests
•Systems are calibrated at the factory and shipped to customers ready for use
•We are investors in our staff as our key competitive resource, meaning our clients can expect top quality in terms of both technical expertise and customer service. 

Our Goodness What Makes Us Special


To provide advanced technology with high quality services at reasonable cost to make it available for the widest arrays of users.


To create and facilitate the development of advanced technologies.


To be a leader in providing technology solutions in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.